The Gleneagles™ Hotel

40+ Total Woman's Health and Fitness

Enhance your vitality, flexibility and energy with this lifestyle programme that aims to give guidance on typical age-related womens health issues such as osteoporosis fatigue, mood reduced mobility, joint inflammation and aches and pains.

Wellness tests include:

  • Adrenal Thyroid Profile - Reviews adrenal an thyroid function, both important factors in energy regulation
  • Bone Resorption Osteoporosis risk assessment - An assessment that identifies potential bone loss and helps monitor the effectiveness of nutritional support therapy.

Four-day programme £820

8 treatments with our wellness and spa team
a personal training session

Seven-day programme £1175

11 treatments with our wellness and spa team
2 personal training sessions

To book an ESPA Life treatment or programme, call ESPA Life at Gleneagles directly on 01764 694332