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Tessa and Emma Wellness


Meet the team:

Emma & Tessa

8 April 2022

Meet Emma & Tessa

Bringing a unique set of skills and experiences to The Strong Rooms, Emma and Tessa believe wellness goes way beyond a traditional fitness class. Leading our Wellness Educators, the duo have enlisted the best of the best from an array of disciplines to create a carefully curated wellness proposition to ensure members have a truly holistic offering. 

Tessa wellness
Tessa wellness

What’s new and different about the wellness offering at Townhouse?

We’re hugely keen to deconstruct the norms and rebuild more of a lifestyle approach to wellbeing more generally. Whether it’s better understanding your own capabilities in terms of fitness or achieving good mental health through daily mindfulness; our aim is to help our members apply the correct movement and lifestyle practices into their daily schedule to enhance their lifestyle more generally. 

We also hope the nature of our programming – and the calibre of Educators whom we have on board – will see us introducing our members to new types of classes they may have previously not had access to or indeed had the opportunity to try. 


Tell us about your wellness backgrounds and what you learned from your own experiences that influenced The Strong Rooms? 

Emma and I have worked in all areas of wellness; from beauty therapy and functional movement to educational wellbeing in schools and time spent working with high performance athlete teams including the Scottish Rugby Team.

For us, the prominence and rebirth of urban wellness and our collective experience working across varying wellness disciplines to date has allowed us to curate a broad and progressive wellness concept. We’ll be introducing a hybrid offering of bespoke in-person and virtual classes; led by the city’s best-in-class educators and practitioners. 


What classes are you most excited about coming to the Townhouse Strong Rooms? 

Our schedule will feature a whole host of classes – from yoga and functional fitness to combat fighting, functional mobility, running clubs, indoor and outdoor cycle, reformer Pilates and dance. 

It is however our team of Wellness Educators – who include former Olympic athletes, Royal Ballet Trained Dancers and Pro Athletes – who we’re most excited to bring to the Townhouse.


Edinburgh is regularly applauded as one of the best wellness cities in the world – how do you see the Townhouse location enhancing the wellness offering?  

We feel so fortunate to be based in Edinburgh and have the very best of nature on our doorstep. Wellness at The Strong Rooms will be a wholly immersive programme and we’re very much looking forward to taking the Inside Out when it comes to classes and experiences – be it alfresco yoga at Arthur’s Seat, trail runs in the Pentlands or Wild Dips up at Gleneagles. 


Emma Wellness
Emma Wellness

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