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A headshot of a wellness instructor at Gleneagles Townhouse


Morning Motivation With Katrina

29 August 2022
Unlock the natural cup of coffee that is morning endorphins with top tips from our Wellness Educator, Katrina. Discover her tips on making the most of mornings at The Strong Rooms.

Hi Katrina, as Indoor Cycle Lead what do you love most about the early risers classes?

I’m a huge advocate of starting the day with movement – it sounds like a total cliché but it really does set you up for the day, physically and mentally. I love seeing the transformation of everyone’s energy too – usually arriving a little sleepy and bleary eyed but leaving buzzing and raring to go! There is something so satisfying about getting it ticked off and there’s a real sense of achievement post class!


Are there any types of exercise you recommend for starting your day off on a high?

I love high energy, high sweat exercises like ride classes in the morning – that big endorphin hit is like a natural cup of coffee! Physically you feel energised but also mentally you leave feeling focused and positive about the day ahead. If you are needing a little more of a low key start – a yoga or Pilates class is perfect.  


What can we expect in your restorative yoga classes?

An opportunity to rest and de-stress. Re-store is very chilled out and there is very little movement. For maximum comfort and relaxation we use bolsters, blankets, lavender eye pillows and essential oils. Many guests notice they go home and have the most restful night of sleep they’ve had in a while! It’s a class for everyone and no experience is required.


A yoga instructor at Gleneagles Townhouse
A yoga instructor at Gleneagles Townhouse

What do you think the benefit is of using the morning to get on top of your fitness/wellness goals?

You haven’t had the whole day to come up with excuses, lose motivation or change your plans! Carving out time in the morning for YOU means you start your day on a high.


What does your morning routine look like?

I’m always up early (thanks to my 1 year old!) I’ll drink a big glass of water then blend up a smoothie packed with spinach for a big vitamin hit. No matter the weather we will head out on a walk out as even just a short time everyday outdoors has so many benefits. I like to mix up my exercise between cardio, resistance based sessions or Pilates / yoga depending on what my body needs. 


Why are morning routines so important to you?

I’m the type of person that thrives on routine! Never underestimate the impact of small, daily habits over time. Make them sustainable and enjoyable so it’s never an effort to keep to them. 


What are your top tips to make the most of mornings in The Strong Rooms?

First of all make your way to the pantry for a big glug of our iced, fruit infused water – it’s really important to hydrate first thing in the day. Get booked into a class as group exercise is also a fantastic way to keep yourself accountable and it’s nice to do something a little social before switching on the work mode for the day! If time allows, head for a session in the cryotherapy chamber as this aids muscle recovery, reduces inflammation in the body and if you weren’t feeling awake from class…you certainly will after 3 minutes in there!

A wellness instructor climbing on a stationary bike in the gym at Gleneagles Townhouse
A wellness instructor climbing on a stationary bike in the gym at Gleneagles Townhouse

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