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Rosemary Ferguson


Rose Ferguson at The Townhouse

15-17 NOVEMBER 2022
Our inaugural trio of urban retreats.

We’re delighted to welcome renowned naturopath, nutritionist and author, Rosemary Ferguson, who will be in residence and working in collaboration with our wellness and culinary teams to host three, one-day retreats dedicated to hormone health, gut health and energy.

Read on for further insight into what each day will have in store – individually designed to energise you in the darker months and get you motivated through Autumn, ready for the festive season ahead.

We hope to see you there.


Available as either a day, multi-day, or overnight retreat. 

Price: £300 per day (£250 for Gleneagles Townhouse Members and their guests).


If you’d like to stay over, you can book a room for £350 bed and breakfast, per room, per night (£295 for Gleneagles Townhouse Members and their guests). 


Hormone Health

Today will begin with a Rework Class in The Strong Rooms; a Yin-inspired movement session designed to create space around the joints and in this instance, specifically target the energetic channels that nourish the kidneys. A special hormone health menu in The Courtyard will follow where the dishes, akin to all three menus on the hormone health retreat, will incorporate healthy fats, oily fish, antioxidants and wholefoods to create balance, help sustain blood sugar and ultimately aid hormone function.

After breakfast, the hour-long hormone workshop will explore the role our hormones play with particular focus on insulin and cortisol and a deep-dive into negative changes and imbalance; the role nutrition plays; lifestyle techniques which can help imbalances and associated conditions and useful supplements and herbs to support hormone health.

An optional cryo-therapy, infra-red sauna or express treatment will follow after which our wellness team will be leading a Hypebrid Class, designed to strengthen our metabolism, how we use and produce energy and our capacity to face challenges and bring awareness to our mobility, heart rate and breath.

The day will culminate in an intimate question and answer session with Rose – an opportunity to review the day’s learnings and takeaways – before a specially curated dinner back in The Courtyard.


Gut Health

Our Gut Health retreat begins with our metabolic conditioning class, also known as the Power of 3, whereby we’ll be focussing on all three energy systems in the body. This heavy residence and conditioning movements elevate the body’s metabolic rate and capacity to level up your workout. Breakfast in The Courtyard will follow.

Rose’s menus today will focus on easy digestible ancient grains, probiotic rich food and well-cooked root vegetables to optimize gut healing.

After breakfast, the hour-long gut health workshop will delve into common causes and misconceptions around gut health. Rose will spend time sharing her own insights into what causes imbalance and a poorly working gut; key lifestyle factors to support gut health and nutrition and ways of eating that support good gut health.

Following a short break and an optional cryo-therapy, infrared sauna or express treatments, today’s Rework Class will follow, designed to help re-establish the balance of our nervous system by holding each pose for 3 – 5 minutes and breathing deeply – a massage, of sorts, for your internal organs and a great way to relax the gut.

An intimate question answer session with Rose before a specially curated dinner – Thai green tempeh curry with buckwheat flatbreads – concludes the day back in The Courtyard.



Our Reactivate Class, a yoga-inspired flow class designed to warm the muscles and activate both the body’s full range of movement and digestive system, begins today’s Energise retreat.

An hour-long energy workshop follows, exploring what energy is and the micronutrients needed in its production; the causes of low energy; ways of eating to support energy; lifestyle hacks to maximise energy and useful supplements to help support energy retention.

After lunch, the optional cryo-therapy, infrared sauna or express treatments will follow before our wellness team lead a Restore class which aims to support the nervous system; restoring and refuelling the natural balance of body and mind. Expect bolsters, blankets and lavender eye pillows to allow your body to rest fully.

Any questions can then be answered directly by Rose during our question-and-answer session before our final dinner of the retreat back in The Courtyard.


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