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Gundogs & Falconry Training School


Falcons and gundogs are both noble creatures, albeit of a rather different nature. And with our series of handling experiences, you’ll discover so much more about them and your own skills too.

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Falconry School in Scotland

The Gleneagles Falconry School is the place to learn all about these magnificent birds of prey. Our group and individual falconry experience lessons have been created to suit novices and experienced handlers alike.

Gundogs Training in Scotland

With lessons taking place on the lawns leading down to Laich Loch, our gundog training experiences simulate typical sporting conditions, teaching you to work with these intelligent animals on agility, retrieves and obedience.

Ferret School

Hugely enjoyable for all ages, The Ferret School is the first school of its kind at a hotel. In Britain, as far back as the thirteenth century, man has domesticated ferrets to hunt rabbits for the table, but the ferret’s friendly nature has also enabled it to charm itself into peoples’ affections.

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Bespoke Adventures

Our playground planners create personalised itineraries for families, individuals and groups in search of fun countryside pursuits and leisure activities.

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The Glorious Playground

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