Gleneagles Townhouse
A woman's legs dipped into the blue water of a swimming pool
Gym & Swim

An uplifting health club to help you move, recover and restore

Open to guests and members alike, our Gym & Swim area features indoor and outdoor pools for laps and splashing about, a vibrant gym filled with Skill & ARTIS TechnoGym equipment and wellness classes for all.

A large swimming pool with mood lighting
Rippling water of a Gleneagles swimming pool

Come on in, the water’s lovely

The Gleneagles swimming pools are an abundance of joy. A beautiful lagoon-shaped pool is perfect for family fun, while an adult-only pool rewards those looking for a more invigorating swimming session. Outside, our thermal bubbling pool warms body and soul alike.

A mother with her son and daughter in a pool
Rippling water of a Gleneagles swimming pool
Beautiful pools to dive right in

Aquathermal suite

Pools for swimming. Pools for splashing. Pools for lazing in bubbling waters. Saunas and steam rooms too. Water truly is the stuff of life here at Gleneagles, Perthshire.

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A world of wellness

The Gym

A man's arms pushing the handles of a chest press machine

Whether you want to get the heart racing and kick yourself out of your comfort zone or reset the mind and body after a stressful day with a calming yoga class, our gym is a one-stop wellness hub for all abilities.

Incorporating some of the finest gym technology in the world, our gym is one of the first in the UK to feature the full interactive range of strength and cardio equipment from the Technogym ARTIS and Skill ranges.

A man's arms pushing the handles of a chest press machine

Fitness Classes

With a wide range of live classes on offer during the week, take a look at our Wellness Timetable for January-May 2024 to keep you moving.

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Wellness membership

With year-round access to all that our Gym & Swim spaces have to offer, wellness has never been so welcoming.

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