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Meet the Expert:

Leilah Zainea

1 July 2024
Leilah Social Sales Manager

“It’s called the Glorious Playground for a Reason!” Says Leilah Zainea, our dedicated Social Sales and Events Manager. “No matter the size of your group, adventure and romance certainly awaits you with a wedding at Gleneagles.”

With a reputation that balances fine luxury with rural allure, Gleneagles provides the perfect backdrop for a memorable big day… but it needn’t all be ballrooms and fireworks! With a broad variety of event spaces to choose from within the hotel, The Glen can also set the perfect scene for smaller, more understated weddings, intricately personalised to meet the vision of individual couples.

“Smaller more intimate weddings are wonderful as you can really experience everything we have to offer,” says Leilah, “Why not arrive to a day full of pampering and a lovely rehearsal dinner in our candlelit Cellars… or wake up as newlyweds and spend your first day of married life enjoying some country pursuits with close friends and family? Weddings here are not restricted to the one big day.”

wedding cake
Leilah with wedding couple

Forming a new division dedicated to tailored personal occasions, our events team work directly with guests from initial ideas to execution to create bespoke, unforgettable celebrations.  Leilah explains that “by having one dedicated contact from start to finish, we build meaningful relationships with our guests to create the most unforgettable events. Every need they may have on property filters through myself, so guests have the relief of only needing to keep one contact in their address book no matter how complex the event.”

By extending this to weddings, we take care of the notoriously stressful logistical planning that comes with preparing for your big day, and with the level of collaborative input we encourage, we happily go the extra mile to actualise the bride and groom’s unique concept. “We take the time to truly understand individual visions,” says Leilah, “and each couple’s day matters to me, so from beginning to end I will be there to guide, organise, arrange, plan, un-plan and replan until it’s just right for them.”

The ballroom set up for a banquet with large round tables and chandeliers

From our beauty experts in the Bob and Cloche beauty lodge to our incredibly talented floristry team located on site, we have all the extra services needed to seamlessly elevate your big day… but we are not restricted to a set template in any way, breaking the mould of many traditional wedding venues – we are proud that no two weddings are the same at Gleneagles.

Leilah’s best tip for couples planning their wedding? “Ask, ask, ask! No question is too small or too silly. However impossible you think your request, me and the wider Gleneagles family will do everything in our power to make it happen.”

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