Gleneagles Townhouse

Look what’s crêped up in time for spring!

12 March 2019
Crepes and gullets plated on a table in the Birnam Brasserie
Paul Hart - Executive Sous Chef

The first time I tried crêpes was from a street stall and the smell lured me in! The vendor was serving them only one way – smothered in fresh lemon juice and doused with sugar – but it was one of the simplest, most delicious things I’d eaten.

“Traditional in France, they can be eaten with all types of scrumptious fillings like chocolate, hazelnut spread, ice-cream, nuts and fruit. If you lose the sugar, it becomes a delicious savoury treat known as a galette. It’s fast food and, by adding different ingredients, they can be made naughty or nice!

“We’ve recently introduced crêpes and galettes to our lunch menu at The Birnam Brasserie where they make the perfect pick-me-up, quick lunch or decadent dessert.”

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