Gleneagles Townhouse

Our Favourite Festive Cocktails to Make at Home

15 December 2023

Recreate the taste of Gleneagles at home with two of our favourite festive cocktails!

From the Century Bar we have the Champagne Margarita, a fusion of effervescence and zestiness, blending tequila, zesty lime and orange liqueur, topped with Champagne. Or for something more indulgent, try your hand at our Chocolate Negroni, inspired by the Book of Berries in the American Bar. A decadent blend of bitterness and comforting chocolate makes for a special festive treat that might just have you tipped as the family mixologist this year…

Champagne Margarita from The Century Bar

From the Century Bar we have the Champagne Margarita. The perfect fusion of effervescence and zestiness, crafted with tequila, zesty lime, and a touch of orange liqueur, topped with a sparkle of Champagne. This cocktail embodies celebration in every sip—a tantalizing blend of citrusy tang and luxurious bubbles that elevate any moment this festive season.

  • 15ml Lime Juice
  • 15ml Quaglia Liquore di Chinotto
  • 25ml Casamigos Tequila
  • 3 drops of bitters (Peychauds’ is preferable)
  • Champagne to top

Dip the rim of the glass in a little lime juice and add Tajin or Paprika salt to the glass. Add the lime juice, chinotto and tequila in a shaker with plenty of ice and shake vigorously. Strain in a champagne glass, top up with Champagne.

Chocolate Negroni from the American Bar

The Chocolate Negroni is a delightful and decadent festive cocktail, infusing classic elegance with a touch of decadence. Combining the timeless bitterness of a Negroni with the comforting allure of chocolate creates a perfect toast to the magic of the season. Did you know, cocoa beans are botanically categorized as berries? Making the Chocolate Negroni perfectly fitting to our Book of Berries in the American Bar.

  • 25ml Tanqueray Sevilla
  • 25ml Barolo Chinato
  • 25ml Campari
  • 10ml Chocolate liqueur

Add all of the ingredients to a rock glass over plenty of ice and stir. Garnish with a chocolate crisp.

For the chocolate crisp: 

Melt some of your favourite chocolate and spread on a backing tray over baking paper. Dark chocolate goes exceptionally well with this cocktail. Sprinkle crushed digestive biscuits over the chocolate while it is still warm. Add some dried raspberries for extra colour. Cool in the freezer and crack when cold.