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Swing for Spring

12 March 2019
three golfers walk side by side with bags on their backs down a misty fairway
Clarke Lutton - PGA Golf Pro

Our PGA golf pro Clarke Lutton used to play on the European Tour, so you’d expect him to know his punch shot from his lob shot and his fade from his draw, but half the battle in golf, says Clarke, is preparation – especially at the start of the season.

“After the winter we can all feel a wee bit rusty,” he says, “and it’s important to make sure the fundamentals – the posture, grip, stance, ball position and alignment – are all working. The majority of faults tend to stem from a breakdown in one of those basic elements.

“It’s a good idea to visit us at The Academy to identify any weaknesses, or, if you’re lucky, to reaffirm that your game’s in a good place which will help to boost your confidence before that first competition of the season.

“We offer pre-season MOTs, including re-gripping, loft and lie checks, a Trackman gapping session to understand your yardages, and a one-hour golf lesson to work on your fundamentals.

“It’s also important to have the right tools, to give you the best chance Clarke and the confidence to focus on each shot, rather than worrying about losing yards. Book a visit with us at the Academy and we’ll have you hitting that sweet spot in no time!”

Find out more about training available at the PGA National Academy:

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