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Signature spa treatments

We've curated a series of beautiful signature treatments that will make for a truly memorable spa break. Bringing together different cultures and philosophies, each treatment is as beneficial as it is relaxing.

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Facial Care

We start with a personal consultation and tailor our treatment accordingly, including cleansing, exfoliation and recommended skincare products.

Body Care

Our trained consultants will work with you to devise a treatment that will boost your physical and emotional wellbeing.

Signature Rituals

We take ingredients from the fresh waters and rolling hills of Perthshire to create a whole body experience that will revitalise and rebalance mind and body.


Our Ayurverdic-insipred treatments are the ultimate balm to busy and stressful lives and include a four-handed massage with hot volcanic stones, head and foot massage, and skin exfoliation. It will leave you feeling relaxed, re-balanced and rejuvenated.

Advanced Skin Vitality Facial
1 hour 20 mins / £155

A deep brush cleanse and skin analysis selects the right products and techniques for your skin. Your therapist applies either a natural Pumpkin Enzyme Peel or Mulberry, Bearberry and Liquorice treatment mask to refine and brighten. An age-defying facial massage uses cool Rose Quartz Crystals, with a second mask to lift, smooth and firm. Finally, a concentrated serum invigorates and energises, leaving your complexion smooth, supple and luminous.

INCLUDES: deep brush cleanse, facial cleanse, enzyme peel mask or brightening facial mask, age-defying Rose Quartz Crystal massage, professional lifting & smoothing mask, intensive facial serum

The Ultimate Lift & Firm Facial
1 hour 20 mins / £155

Luxurious, highly effective and entirely personalised, this expert treatment incorporates an optimal balance of products and techniques to ensure maximum effects on your skin. The results are instant – lines and wrinkles are minimised, redness and pigmentation diminished, plus the complexion is smoother, firmer, even-toned and instantly rejuvenated.

INCLUDES: Deep brush cleanse, Facial treatment mask, Specialised contouring & lifting facial massage techniques, Professional lifting & smoothing mask, ESPA Lift & Firm or LifeStage product range

Soothe and Repair Facial
1 hour 20 mins / £155

SuperActive™ products provide cool comfort to irritated skin prone to redness and flushing, while light lymphatic massage and soothing Rose Quartz Crystals improve circulation, strengthen capillary walls and naturally purify. Your skin will feel refreshed with redness visibly reduced.

INCLUDES: deep cleanse, facial cleanse, cooling Rose Quartz Crystal massage, soothing mask, intensive facial serum

Optimal Skin ProFacial
50 minutes / £110

After a detailed consultation and in-depth skin analysis, your therapist will select the right cleansing, exfoliation and treatment-specific massage and mask for you. Exceptional results, whatever your skincare concern.

INCLUDES: deep cleanse, steam if appropriate, facial massage, personalised mask, scalp massage

Espa Eye Lift
25 minutes / £55

This fast-acting treatment is ideal if you’re concerned with signs of ageing around the eyes or want to relieve tension from eye-strain and computer headaches.

INCLUDES: a cleanse, exfoliation, massage and application of our Lift & Firm Intensive Eye Serum

(Please note: this treatment can only be booked with another ESPA treatment)

Age Rebel Facial for Men
1 hour 20 mins / £155

This effective anti-ageing facial helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles and boosts your complexion.

INCLUDES: steam, deep brush cleanse, enzyme peel or brightening face mask, facial massage, toning mask

Reviver Facial for Men
50 minutes / £110

A deep cleanse removes dull, dead cells, boosting cell regeneration and reawakening your complexion. Then a personalised massage and face treatment mask leaves skin toned and supple.

INCLUDES: deep brush cleanse, exfoliation, steam if appropriate, facial massage and mask, hand and arm or scalp massage

Bamboo Body Retreat
2 hours / £215

Warm bamboo sticks massage and work into deep seated tension to melt tight muscles and leave you completely relaxed.

INCLUDES: foot ritual, body exfoliation, facial cleanse, full body massage using essential oils and warm bamboo sticks, scalp massage

Holistic Total Body Ritual with Hot Stones
1 hour 50 mins / £185

Body brushing and exfoliation smooth and soften skin, followed by an indulgent massage with nourishing essential oils and warmed volcanic stones to penetrate tired, aching muscles. Finally, relax and unwind with a comforting scalp massage.

INCLUDES: body exfoliation, massage with hot stones, scalp massage

Iconic Back, Face and Scalp Massage with Hot Stones
1 hour 50 mins / £185

Loved by all, this relaxing and deeply effective ESPA experience delivers triple results by focusing on three key areas – the back, the face and the scalp. It’s the ideal treatment for anyone.

INCLUDES: back exfoliation, back massage, facial, scalp massage

Advanced Body Cocoon
1 hour 50 mins / £185

This total body experience combines a body wrap and massage for maximum benefits to skin, body and mind.

INCLUDES: body brush, body exfoliation, mud or algae wrap, scalp massage, full body aromatherapy massage

Strength & Resilience Massage
1 hour 20 mins / £155

Our Strength & Resilience Massage treatment is designed to revive tired muscles and bring a renewed sense of wellbeing and clarity to mind and body. An ideal post work out treatment incorporating pure aromatherapeutic formulas of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree, used to soothe muscular aches and pains while the body is ‘cocooned’ in warm towels to aid relaxation. Using advanced techniques such as Yogic stretches and reflex zone foot massage to stimulate major organ rapid pressure is used during a deeply invigorating back massage. A sinus release, and scalp massage complete the journey helping to boost energy levels.

Stress Buster
1 hour 20 mins / £155

Relieve tension with this personalised treatment targeting the areas most prone to stress.

INCLUDES: back, neck and shoulder massage, foot, calf, hand and arm massage, soothing eye treatment, scalp massage.

Active Revival
1 hour 20 mins / £150

A hot stone massage alleviates tension and stress stored in the neck, shoulders and back before enveloping the feet in warm paraffin wax with a foot massage using pressure point techniques.

INCLUDES: targeted massage to the back, neck and shoulders with hot stones, paraffin wax to the feet and foot massage

Lift and Firm Hip and Thigh Treatment
50 minutes / £125

This stimulating treatment offers a potent combination of marine extracts, iced mitts, Clarisonic body brushing and deep detoxifying massage to achieve instantly visible results. We recommend a course of 6 treatments.

INCLUDES: skin brush, detoxifying salt & oil scrub, Clarisonic body brushing, detoxifying massage to specific area, specialised colonic massage techniques

Relaxing Back Treatment
50 minutes / £115

A tension-releasing massage for tight muscles and congested skin on the back, neck or shoulders

INCLUDES: back cleanse, massage and mask, lower leg and foot massage

50 minutes / £115

This massage is ideal if you suffer with tension headaches or neck strain. Soothe tight muscles, calm the mind and ease built-up pressure and tightness. You’ll feel revived and invigorated for the day ahead or relaxed and calm, ready for a peaceful night’s sleep.

INCLUDES: targeted massage to the back, face and scalp

ESPA Personalised Massage
1 hour 20 mins or 50 mins / £115 or £155

There’s no better way to get exactly what you need. Select your favourite elements, perfect for both men and women:

Aromatherapy Massage

A therapeutic full body massage using blends of personally selected essential oils.

Classic Massage

A traditional massage with regulated pressure and stimulating movements, excellent for releasing knots and tension as well as easing tired, aching muscles.

Balinese Massage

A sophisticated and indulgent massage. Warm aromatherapy oils are poured onto the centre of the body and massaged into the skin using long, stretching, sweeping movements for deep relaxation (not available as a 50 minute treatment).

Hot Stone Massage

Relieve deep muscle tension with this therapeutic full body massage, using aromatherapy oils and warm volcanic stones (not available as a 50 minute treatment).

Thai Massage
1 hour 50 mins or 1 hour 20 mins / £210 or £155

Lengthen, relax and enhance mobility with this dynamic massage

A powerful massage to ease prolonged muscular tension. This mat-based treatment uses the therapist’s hands, feet, arms and legs to lengthen and mobilise the entire body, leaving you feeling more limber and mentally relaxed.

Deep Muscle Massage
1 hour 20 mins / £165

A powerful massage, easing deep-seated tension and muscular stress

Specialised techniques help re-align the deeper layers of muscle, releasing chronic patterns of tension and alleviating areas of discomfort like a stiff neck, painful lower back and sore, tight shoulders.

Wellness Massage
1 hour 20 mins / £155

A specialised treatment entirely tailored to your needs.

Wellness massage is an advanced therapeutic treatment. It can be used to treat injuries or conditions, and is also an extremely effective preventative therapy, helping relieve the build-up of stress and tension and future postural issues. Wellness massage can improve health through its effects on your general wellbeing.

Pre and Post Natal Treatment
1 hour 20 mins / £145

A deeply nourishing body treatment especially designed for pregnancy*

Gently and safely target areas prone to stress and tension. A gentle back exfoliation, if required, is followed by a soothing body massage designed around your needs, easing aching muscles while relaxing and restoring. You’ll emerge feeling revitalised.

INCLUDES: body exfoliation (if required), body massage, scalp massage

* A course of 6 treatments is recommended following the first trimester and for 3 months after pregnancy

Pre & Post Natal Experience
1 hour 50 mins / £185

Calm your spirit and leave skin glowing and toned with this indulgent experience, combining the Pre & Post Natal Treatment with a tailor-made ESPA Facial.

A course of 6 treatments is recommended following the first trimester and for 3 months after pregnancy

The Source
2 hours / £215

Our exclusive signature experience revitalises and rebalances body and mind using ingredients from the fresh waters and rolling hills of Perthshire

Your treatment begins with a calming foot ritual using Scottish honey and local river-washed stones to nourish skin and stimulate reflex points on the feet. Following full body exfoliation, tired muscles are then massaged using our bespoke, muslin-wrapped herbal infusions with ingredients sourced from the nearby countryside. The experience continues with a full body massage and rejuvenating warm poultice facial massage, before finishing with tension-relieving scalp massage.

INCLUDES: Foot ritual using local honey, Body exfoliation, Full body and facial massage using warm herbal infusions containing Scottish Lavender, Scalp massage

Gleneagles Time Ritual
2, 3 or 4 hours / £215, £315 or £415

The perfect gift for a loved one and the ideal way to book a treatment for you*

Simply reserve between two and four hours of ESPA Time and our expert therapists will select and personalise treatments to suit your needs. It’s the easiest, most flexible way to get the most out of your experience and maximise your treatment results (minimum booking is two hours).

* Please note that the TIME Ritual does not include Purva Karma four handed massage

Purva Karma Four Handed Massage
2 hours / £270

The ultimate, indulgent, unwinding experience

This unique treatment starts with a welcome foot ritual, body exfoliation and a facial cleanse. Using long, sweeping movements, two therapists perform a four handed, tension-releasing body massage using warm poured oil and hot volcanic stones. A balancing and soothing therapeutic scalp massage then leads to ultimate relaxation and total bliss.

INCLUDES: foot ritual, body exfoliation and facial cleanse, four handed massage with hot stones, scalp massage

Ama Releasing Abyhana
1 hour 20 mins or 2 hours / £155 or £215

Discover a renewed sense of wellbeing and calm

Banish stress and poor sleep patterns. Start with a body exfoliation to stimulate and smooth skin, followed by a soothing facial cleanse. Ayurvedic massage techniques and a warm infusion of aromatherapy oils then calm, before a de-stressing scalp massage – which may include pouring warm oil on the forehead and scalp – completes this tranquil experience.

INCLUDES: body exfoliation and facial cleanse, Ayurvedic body massage, scalp massage. 1 HOUR 20 MINUTES (massage only)

Ayurvedic Journey
2 hours / £215

An entirely personalised treatment tailored for your Ayurvedic Dosha

After a detailed consultation, your therapist will select the perfect combination of body exfoliation, body wrap and hot stone massage. Cleansing Algae or restorative Marine Mud envelop your body, followed by a hot stone massage with personalised combination of essential and Ayurvedic oils, according to your needs: Pitta to cool, calm and soothe Kapha to energise, balance and purify Vata to nourish, hydrate and replenish

INCLUDES: body exfoliation, Algae or Mud wrap, scalp massage, Dosha specific massage

Espa Mindful Massage
1 hour 20 mins / £155

Unwind and escape everyday life

This holistic, deeply relaxing experience works on the concept of mindfulness, focusing on both mind and body to reduce stress and be more ‘in the present’. Your therapist will guide you through breathing and visualisation techniques to relax and release physical or emotional anxieties. The metamorphic zones on the feet are massaged to rebalance and ground, before a soothing, deeply therapeutic massage continues up through the body. You’ll finish with a re-energising scalp massage using warm Rose Quartz Crystals and emerge feeling focused, with renewed positivity.

INCLUDES: breathing and visualisation techniques, massage on the metamorphic zones of the feet, full body massage, scalp massage with warm Rose Quartz Crystals

1 hour 30 mins or 2 hours / £165 or £225

Blissful, peaceful relaxation for body and mind

This fusion treatment transports you to a world of peace and tranquillity where the day-to-day demands of life become a distant memory – a seamless blend of east and west culminating in the gentle, hypnotic experience that is Shirodhara.

INCLUDES: back massage, Cranio-Sacral treatment to head area, facial cleanse and massage, shoulder and neck massage, Shirodhara, Thai foot treatment