Gleneagles Townhouse
Glenturret x Gleneagles 2023:

The Third Instalment of our Limited-Edition Trilogy Series

17 November 2023

We’re delighted to announce the release of our third single malt from our trilogy series with The Glenturret - Scotland’s Oldest Working Distillery, located just 15 minutes drive from the hotel.

This bottling is exclusively available for purchase by our resident guests in our specialist whisky shop, The Still Room, in our Retail Arcade. Additionally, guests can also try this exquisite whisky by the dram in The American Bar. Furthermore, along with the release, resident guests who purchase a bottle are invited to a complimentary tour of The Glenturret Distillery. This immersive experience offers a captivating journey into the art of whisky-making, allowing enthusiasts to delve deeper into the craftsmanship and heritage behind these exceptional spirits.

Crafted in collaboration with The Glenturret’s Whisky Maker, Bob Dalgarno, the third expression is an 11 Year Old single malt whisky with extraordinary character. On the nose, this single malt is reminiscent of sweet ginger and cinnamon, with lovely added notes of creamy vanilla and honeycomb. On the palate, it is bursting with flavours of dark fruits and warm wood spices, whilst sweet ginger and apples dusted with cinnamon linger on for a long and enjoyable finish. The combination of European and American oak adds depth and texture to the overall mouthfeel, creating a perfect harmony for a truly memorable dram.

The trilogy, which serves as a homage to the beautiful landscape of the Perthshire region, will be closing the series with this last installment before we take our partnership with The Glenturret to new heights in 2024. As is the tradition of the series, each of the 750 bottles is meticulously hand numbered, further amplifying the range’s exclusivity and distinction.

Daniel Baernreuther, General Manager at The Gleneagles:

“We have continued to work hard with The Glenturret to create a special single malt that beautifully concludes and celebrates the trilogy. Following on from the triumph of the initial two releases, our aim was to carry on the tradition of crafting a whisky that captures the magic and comfort of the two brands. This particular expression serves as a tribute to the rich heritage and natural beauty in our surrounding, inviting individuals to experience the warm essence of our land and culture, be it at The Gleneagles’ American Bar or from the comfort of their own homes.”