Gleneagles Townhouse
Whisky at Gleneagles

Spirited Away

18 April 2022

With so much emphasis on the ‘water of life’ at Gleneagles, we caught up with our Hotel Manager, Daniel Baernreuther and resident whisky lover to learn more.

Given our unique location in the heart of Scotland, and our close proximity to a number of the world’s most iconic distilleries, we always felt Gleneagles had an opportunity to be a whisky destination in it’s own right. That’s why we set out to create bespoke bottlings exclusive to Gleneagles, leading us to work on two distinct bottling projects; our very first single malt produced by our neighbours, The Glenturret, and our Pursuits bottling series

Glenturret Gleneagles Whisky Bottle

With over 300 single malts in the building, for guests new to the world of whisky, sometimes knowing where to start is the hardest bit. Making Scotland’s national spirit accessible to our visitors and presenting it in a way that allows people to explore it more easily is something we strive to do for our guests. We love showing off these wonderful whiskies, and surprising our guests with introductions to unexpected or unusual malts.


Valentines Whisky Cocktail from the Century Bar Menu

With the recent launch of our new Century Bar menu, we have created a series of whisky flights inspired by your mood and the occasion – whether that’s having spent a day in the great outdoors, or looking for something a little more glamorous and celebratory. I recommend having the team talk you though the options and then enjoying as a self-guided experience.

Over at our Still Room, the team are on hand to guide you through the highly curated selection of bottles – and help find just the right one for you.

Whisky outdoor at a fire pit

However you are sampling whisky here at Gleneagles, you have the opportunity to taste this drink in its natural habitat. Whisky will never taste as good as it does here, after a day of country pursuits, in the Scottish countryside.

And to that we say, Sláinte!